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Odyssey to Reflexion CD

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Odyssey To Reflexion is the second album of Symphonic Progressive Metal band Against Myself. A remarkable evolution of their music and style with a more technical and powerful trend, epic orchestrations and passages ranging from the most serene melody to the extreme level.

1 Origin
2 Beyond The Chains
3 Through The End Of Times
4 Firebird’s Flight
5 When Words Kill
6 Glory
7 The Crusade
8 God of Deads
9 Cross Eternity
10 Shadows In My Head
11 Critical Situation



Recorded and mixed by Manuel Borja at Dark Road Studios
Additional engineering Rafa Esplugues at OnTracks Studios
Mastered by Nick Litwin and Luis González at Mastering Mansion Studios
Artwork by VSG www.matibruno.com
Photoshoot by Nat Enemede Photography

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