'THE TEMPEST" now available on all digital platforms! Stream it on Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/track/3IZCUqZXDVrBQG6owhCg9y?si=259zt6_wSHWEk84KXxd7-A
Here we leave you the official video for our new single "THE TEMPEST". Hope you like it and tell us what you think about it! https://youtu.be/6HfyDnMJbV0
https://youtu.be/7PgQSUd2tDg Trailer for our new song and official video "The Tempest". Video release: May 21st 2020.Available on digital platforms: May 22nd 2020. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss a thing! https://www.youtube.com/AgainstMyselfOfficial
We really wanted to show you this! Here we leave you the cover of our new single "The Tempest". It will be released next Wednesday 20th May on El Vuelo del Fénix (Spanish radio), Thursday 21st we will release the video clip and Friday 22nd it will be available on all digital platforms.
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